AWARD Winning 2.20min Festival Short Film by Oliver Lee.
Winner of BEST FILM 'Manchester Short Film Category' MANCHESTER FILM FESTIVAL 2012
London Portobello Film Festival 2012 BEST FILM Nominee and Finalists.
UK'S Biggest Independent Film Competition.
Official Selection at both Screen Stockport Film & Tv Festival 2012 and Sarnia Film Festival Guernsey 2012
Virgin Media Shorts 2011 Virgin TiVo top ten for Crime Drama.
Written and Directed By Oliver Lee
'MUG' Is a High Action, High Speed Short Film based around a hand bag snatch told through the twists and turns of street con-artistry. But not all is how it may seem.
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Linzey Cocker. @LinzeyCocker
Cel Spellman. @CelSpellman
Oliver Lee. @OliverLee1
Stefan Zea Campbell. @Citizen_Icarus
Producers. Oliver Lee, Stefan Zea Campbell
Props/Set Design. Stefan Zea Campbell
DOP/ 1st AD/ Editor. Simon Mulvaney. @SMulvaneyTV
B Camera. Howard Philips. @HPhyllis
Sound. Ethan Duffy
Written/Produced/Directed by Oliver Lee
An Oliver Lee Film
'MUG' can also be found on TWITTER @MugMovie


Desperate Measures


Desperate Measures 
'Desperate Measures'
A Festival aimed short film, Action packed, fast paced, high impacted hostage Thriller.
Written, Produced and Directed by Oliver Lee.
Through twists and turns 'Desperate Measures' tackles both social and mental health issues, it promises to have your eyes glued to the screen and your bum perched at the edge of your seat from start to finish.
Daniel Brocklebank. @Dan_Brocklebank
Dannielle Malone. @DannielleMalone
Leon Lopez. @LeonLopez
Julia Mallam. @julia_mallam
Joe Slack. @WhyHeeeyImJoe
Oliver Lee. @OliverLee1
Simon Mulvaney. @SMulvaneyTV
Howard Philips. @HPhyllis
Oliver Lee
Stefan Zea Campbell
Linzey Cocker. @LinzeyCocker
Leon Lopez
Oliver Lee
An Oliver Lee Film @OliverLee1
'Desperate Measures' Can be found on TWITTER here. @DMshortfilm.
Special Thank you to Mr Darren Bender BIGGER PICTURES for his support.
Writen and Directed by Oliver Lee
Copyright Oliver Lee / BitterSweet Pictures 2013
A 70 second short film, Entered for the Virgin Media Shorts 2013 Competition.
Was Shot Spring 2013 in Manchester UK
'We can all be a super hero'

BitterSweet Pictures Presents.


Written By Oliver Lee.

A haunting Film Festival 10min Short Film Psychological Thriller/Horror about death and survival.

Exploring human condition, sence of realty and perception.

hunted? haunted? both?

Shoots Late 2013 Early 2014.
Written and Directed By Oliver Lee

BitterSweet Pictures and BitterSweet Pictures TV Present.
Written By Oliver Lee
15Min Short Film/Pilot Episode for future series.

Mickey Salford born and bred has lost his job and been kicked out of his family home by his only parent his mother for being a lazy good for nothing who needs to stand on his own two feet for once.

Mickey is forced to go crawling back to his ex girlfriend Carmel, to which he broke up with over a year before. Carmel pretty much hates his guts, nether are romanticly attracted to another. Or are they?

To make things worse today is the day Mickey wakes up to a knock at the door. Keith, his estranged yorkshire younger brother to which Mickey never knew existed.

Keith is a magnet for trouble and with the news there father has past and he has no other known family it looks like Keith is here for the long haul and ready to start his new life in salford.

It seems Keith can give Mickey a run for his money when it comes to being a lazy scronger. He doesn't think before speaking, can never take a hint and on first impressions he is seemingly as dumb as a bucket of spit but some how completely loveable.

He is a ladies man, well so he thinks. Singing Justin beber at a woman while doing the dance routine has never worked but he keeps on trying.

Keith is probably the only person in the world who could ever idolis Mickey his older and new big brother.

Mickey likes this. We follow their journey in to brother hood, morturaty and the occasional bit of trouble.
Shoots early 2013
Created by Oliver Lee BitterSweet Pictures.


Completed and now Released.
1 Minute Short Comedy,
'You Beauty'
Written, Produced and directed by Oliver Lee
Producer and Art department Stefan Zea Campbell
Dop  and Sound Simon Mulvaney